Mediasoup for Elixir

Mediasoup is currently used in the form of a NodeJS module. One of its design goal is listed as “Be a Node.js module in server side.”

However given that the core mediasoup SFU library is written in C++, would it be possible/feasible to extend support to other languages, like Elixir?

This would be truly great, considering that there’s nothing else which could compete against the simplicity of building a WebRTC SFU with mediasoup.

Yes, it would be possible by replicating the Node layer into another language. Now, if the question is whether we’ll do it, the answer is “not for now” (we don’t have infinite time and need to prioritize things).

I have published an elixir port using the Rust version.

Not all API’s are ported, but most functions are available.
The combination of erlang’s cluster feature and PipeTransport has the advantage of being easy to scale up.

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