Using Mediasoup to create a Platform As a service

I would like to know if Mediasoup can be used an an MCU as well as an SFU to create a platform as a service for customers to use and deploy their own live products.

We already have developped some inhouse based RTMP/HLS streaming enginer and would like to extend that to cover WEBRTC.

The main idea is to integrate WEBRTC into our current platform and blend all the protocols together.

For this, i would like to know if it is possible to create a kind of a bridge between WEBRTC running on mediasoup and send that to ffmpeg which then would send to rtmp and into our platform.

Can you please advise how easy it is to create hooks and bind ffmpeg and such tools to mediashoup in order to get flexibility?

Second question is to know if we can create an MCU using media soup wtih server side processing

Thank you for your time

There are N projects and examples (some of them references in the mediasoup website) and also some guidelines in the mediasoup v3 documentation to integrate ffmpeg or gstreamer. However: we, mediasoup authors do not give support about how to integrate ffmpeg or gstreamer with mediasoup.

mediasoup is a SFU, not a MCU. So you must do mixing outside.

Thank you for your quick reply and well noted. I will check that out.

As for the client SDKs for example when we want to use Android/IOS devices to stream into mediasoup, do you adopt any SDKs that i should look into? Idea is to provide those SDKs as gateaways for clients to stream into mediasoup

anyone please? Thank you, i did my research and couldnt find an easy to use webrtc SDK for native IOS/Android, i know mediasoup is on the backend send but i need to also provide a gateway from the client to get into mediasoup, appreciate if you guys can share how you are doing it for mobile apps that run natively, gstreams is great but its native implementation is lot of binding and cumbersome to be used as an SDK

Thanks all!

There are ongoing work for Android and iOS, both based on libmediasoupclient. Note however that we just support libmediasoupclient. We, mediasoup authors, don’t do mobile native for now:

Did you check out th react Native Webrtc? And the related documentation on Mediasoup website ?