Mediasoup install error.

on windows 10 error install to example GitHub - versatica/mediasoup-demo: mediasoup official demo application. Help

Did you read and follow general mediasoup installation instructions?: mediasoup :: Installation

yes I did everything according to the instructions

Not really sure what happened there, but somehow downloaded files are not present where they should be. I also don’t see those files being downloaded, which probably happened during earlier run.

Have you tried removing node_modules and trying again? Also if you can copy output as text and not screenshot what would make things easier too.

i deleted node_modules folder but i now got new error (

have any idea what to do?

That looks suspiciously like MSVS wasn’t configured in that environment

I originally added vcvars64.bat in the environment variable inside PATH but it gave the previous error that it does not see compilers. Now I’m trying through powershell, but it gives such an error - The system cannot find the path specified, The path “C: \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ vcvars.txt” cannot be found because it does not exist. What should I do?

vcvars.txt is for command line, instructions explain how to get it working in PowerShell, which is a bit more involved.

Sounds like a bad installation truthfully, and poorly setup environment. With Node_Module throwing the error initially I’d take the time to reset and re-try your installation but ensure environment is ready this time or you’ll get those errors continuously.

Now there is a glitch that causes the first problem, so delete the node_module/mediasoup anytime it does that. Last I recalled it just wasn’t wanting to over-write existing directories.

I finally set up the msvs. but now I get another error (

what’s wrong? what should be done?

Yet somehow gcc was used as a compiler, not cl (msvc).

what’s wrong? what should be done?

Looks like the target is 32-bit, and usrsctp.h assumes that when ssize_t is defined, there is a macro “ssize_t”, which is not the case, because ssize_t is an alias defined via typedef.

how to solve it?

I’m afraid it that without some modification of the sources, the only way is to target 64-bit (where both definitions point to the same type __int64).

Have you tried to search answers online before asking though?

I found this OpenSSL report that others claim have helped them: Compile MinGW failed · Issue #5327 · openssl/openssl · GitHub

No idea what it is though, works on my machine and in CI on GitHub Actions.

Can you share node installation logs?