Mediasoup integration in PHP based website

Hello all,

I have a PhP website where I want to integrate video/audio calling and wanted to ask how the mediasoup tool can be integrated with PHP based website.


You’ll have to write a server app, probably in Node.js

You’ll need client side code on your website, which should be built in JavaScript.

PHP is best used to just build the HTML frontend. It’s probably not the right tool for backend purposes.

Mediasoup is written in JavaScript, you can’t plug it in into PHP directly, you’ll need a separate backend for that.

php is server side language, i don’t think it is possible…
may be some part of application you can handle with php socket but javascript socket is more easy way to do…

as per my knowledge, mediasoup is server side library which helps to handle media streams from browser (client) to server and server to browser.
Client side you required any method which communicate with mediasoup library in server and mostly we used javascript socket.

javascript is the only option which works both server and client side. nodejs you can use at server side…