mediasoup is not working on doing the port forwarding

so I am creating a mediasoup library for multiparty conference. It is working inside the same network. But for the purpose of testing I did the port forwarding and it is not working.Actually I am getting mediastream for consume but audio and video is not working on HTML page. I also check the mediasoup logs but there are no error.
can any body help me in this. Also I a am very new to webrtc and mediasoup.

webRtcTransport: {
listenIps: [{ ip: ‘’, announcedIp: “” }], // my public IP address
enableUdp: true,
enableTcp: true,
preferUdp: true,
maxIncomingBitrate: 1500000
I will give you the additional detail if required, Please help if somebody can or faced the same error.