Not getting video and audio stream on server

I made a small video conferencing which is working properly on localhost. On checking chrome://webrtc-internals/ video and audio data is transferring. But when I put my code on server the app is not working. chrome://webrtc-internals/ shows the streams are not transferring.

Pretty sure you can figure out the issue with such a sort description.

My app is working when I disabled the firewall. I am using digital ocean public cloud server. I am running my app on port 8000. When I am enabling the firewall and allowing the port 80, 443 and 8000, the app is running on the port 8000 but media streams are not getting transferred even though producer and consumer are working as expected. It might be problem with “listenIps” while creating WebRtcTransport. I have not used any announcedIp as my IP is public.

And what about opening mediasoup RTC ports as well?

Try setting the announcedIp in config.js as the public IP of your machine, or the domain that points to your IP (in case it’s deployed on a machine)