mediasoup recorder issue

Hi both these projects are listed on examples page. I realize done by 3rd party developers but does anybody have any insight on how to make them run correctly on the gcp or azure?

I have used both Ubuntu 18.04LTS and 20.04LTS and still get the same issue. The webrtc connection is setup correctly on both sides. However when I go to hit record FFmpeg or GStreamer will always fail and create either a mp4 or v8 container that is zero bytes.

The sdp file looks fine to me and looking through the docs both libraries are following the correct procedure when creating a plainrtp transport so that RTP stream can be consumed by either FFmpeg or GStreamer. I have disabled all my firewall protections against the ports. I have used both GCP and Azure VMs and get the same issue.

Have you checked this?

The link you provided doesn’t open. Is there an alternative link I can use?

Is the webrtc transport ip in your config correct? Also you will most likely need to set “announcedIp”