Mediasoup stops communication after SSL certificate enabled

Our NodeJS application, running in UBUNTU uses MediaSoup for video/audio transmitting. It is working when we are not using any SSL certificate for our website. But after SSL certificate is enabled, MediaSoup stops transmitting.

What could be the solution?

What could be the problem?

Could be security related problem. It could be due to security certificate.

And how can this be related to mediasoup considering the fact that mediasoup does not expose any HTTP or HTTPS port at all?

Does MediaSoup need any security certificate explicitly?

I’m afraid I already replied in my previous response.

How to issue that security certificate?

Mediasoup doesn’t require any certificates to be specified.

It might use some, there are options for that, but unless you understand why your use case requires them (which, admittedly, is not the case here), just don’t bother.

SSL certificates on website have nothing to do with mediasoup itself.

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