Mediasoup (v3.4.5) worker dies unexpectedly

Every now and then we get this error on our production servers

2020-01-06T16:02:57.941Z mediasoup:ERROR:worker[pid:22] (stderr) Assertion failed: current_timestamp_group_.complete_time_ms >= 0 (../deps/libwebrtc/libwebrtc/modules/remote_bitrate_estimator/ BelongsToBurst: 146)
2020-01-06T16:02:57.965Z mediasoup:ERROR:Worker worker process died unexpectedly [pid:22, code:null, signal:SIGABRT]

The version of mediasoup we are using is 3.5.4. We haven’t been able to reproduce this on local environment.

Please report this issue in the mediasoup GitHub by providing much more info such as which browsers do you use, your scenario and, if possible, a coredump of the crashed mediasoup worker process.

Please find the GitHub issue here

Ok, let’s close this and continue in GitHub.