A sudden error

Hi I had this error “mediasoup worker died, exiting in 2 seconds” suddenly everything stopped. What may cause this error.

can we handle this event because the whole application stopped.

No idea what you mean, sorry. I told you which steps to follow to report the issue. Please don’t ignore it as if I didn’t say anything.

What I meant that this error stopped the whole node server application, which terminated all sessions and we had to start the application allover again. My question is there a way to handle an event for this error and prevent stopping the whole node application.

Have you read in the API documentation what that event means? Please answer yes or not.

yes, how to prevent application termination from this error?

ok, you just want to ignore this error and “keep things working”, right?

Please tell me what the mediasoup documentation says about that error (just paste the text).

Crashes in mediasoup (get a core dump)

If you get a crash in mediasoup server, this is, if you get an error log as follows:

2020-01-06T16:02:57.965Z mediasoup:ERROR:Worker worker process died unexpectedly [pid:22, code:null, signal:SIGABRT]

or if the worker.on(“died”) event fires, this is a bug in mediasoup that should not happen.

If so, please report the issue in GitHub and also enable core dumps in your host.

and this from api documentation

worker.on(“died”, fn(error))

Emitted when the worker process unexpectedly dies.

Argument Type Description
error Error Originating error.

This should never happens. If it happens, it’s a bug. Please report it following these instructions.

worker.on("died", (error) =>
  console.error("mediasoup worker died!: %o", error);

Ok, so you know what to do next, right?

If so, please report the issue in GitHub and also enable core dumps in your host

Cool. Will you do it?

I don’t have a dump. I have to wait till it happens another time. Hoping will not happen again.

It will happen again. Things do not auto-fix magically. So please be ready to get such a coredump.

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How to enable core dump on windows?

No idea.