mediasoupclient::Device::load() std::bad_alloc()

Hi, I’m facing an issue with very first step of using libmediasoupclient. When I try to load rtpCapabilities into Device instance then I get std::bad_alloc and stack trace as in screen

Do you have any ideas what could be wrong?


Are you using the exact libwebrtc version indicated in the docs?

yes, m84 - double checked it yesterday. Does --args matters for this? I’ve checked some but not sure what are recommended for Win + VS2019. Are those below ok in your opinion?

gn gen out\m84 --args=“is_debug=false is_component_build=false rtc_build_examples=false rtc_include_tests=false rtc_build_ssl=false rtc_ssl_root=“C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSSL\include” use_rtti=false use_custom_libcxx=false treat_warnings_as_errors=false is_clang=false”

There are some args examples in the docs:

tried them already…still the same issue

Try inspecting the rtpCapabilities parameter that you pass to the device->Load(rtpCapabilities).