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Not sure if I post this in Mediasoup but have a question regarding the use of pause and resume functionality. We are storing the state of each consumer and peers in an array. We frequently pause and resume consumers. Instead of iterating over each consumer and checking status and using a loop we are basically issuing the resume and pause command regardless of what the status of the consumer is. Does any one see any issue with this approach? Not sure what is better issuing the command on mediasoup or iterating over an array. We are seeing video freezing and not sure what is causing it.
Also I am seeing the following messages any advise on what they are and how we can resolve them would be much appreciated.
Message Type 1
2021-04-26T15:19:41: 2021-04-26T15:19:41.033Z mediasoup:WARN:Channel [pid:38456] RTC::Transport::ReceiveRtpPacket() | no suitable Producer for received RTP packet [ssrc:1152464549, payloadType:124]
I am assuming this is because we are pausing a consumer
Message Type 2
2021-04-26T15:25:47: 2021-04-26T15:25:47.583Z mediasoup:WARN:Channel [pid:38456] webrtc::BitrateProber::TimeUntilNextProbe() | probe delay too high [next_ms:1515412451, now_ms:1515
No idea what this is
Message Type 3
2021-04-26T15:27:58: 2021-04-26T15:27:58.873Z mediasoup:WARN:Channel [pid:38456] RTC::TransportCongestionControlClient::MayEmitAvailableBitrateEvent() | high BWE value decrease detected, notifying the listener [now:670320, before:1062489]

I am assuming this is because we added traffic and its just notifying, is this a concern?
Message Type 3
2021-04-26T17:04:11: 2021-04-26T17:04:11.340Z mediasoup:WARN:Channel [pid:38456] RTC::NackGenerator::GetNackBatch() | sequence number removed from the NACK list due to max retries [filter:time, seq:55422]
Is this becuase of high Jitter in network?
Message Type 4
2021-04-26T17:04:14: 2021-04-26T17:04:14.120Z mediasoup:WARN:Channel [pid:38456] RTC::RtpStreamSend::FillRetransmissionContainer() | ignoring retransmission for too old packet [seq:29883, max age:2000ms, packet age:2272ms].

I see a whole bunch of these…
Any advise on this would be much appreciated…

The consumer’s initial state doesn’t matter with pause and resume calls. I would suggest serializing these calls (not calling a pause or resume on a consumer before a prior async call on that consumer has completed) and seeing if it resolves your issue, but chances are this isn’t the source of your freezing video issue. You should be able to pause or resume producers and consumers asynchronously without regard to their state.

Those messages don’t seem pathologic to me, but I’m less familiar with that area of mediasoup.

dimoochka… thank you appreciate your response and we will definitely review the code to make sure we are doing what you suggested and the operations are async and see if that resolves the issue… let see what others have to say about these messages…
Thank you

I found this article on the web had to translate this into english as seems like the page was in Chinese. Was wondering if this was if this was addressed ?