Minimum WebRTC version for custom client

I’m thinking of making a custom client for MediaSoup, akin to libmediasoupclient, but in a different language and target platform.
For reasons out of my control, the WebRTC version is locked to M71. I noticed that libmediasoupclient requires M84, and was wondering whether it requires any special functionality not available in M71.

Any pointers appreciated.

Because libmediasoupclient uses the C++ API of libwebrtc and it changes in new versions so we must choose a version.

Thank you for your reply!
Allow me to elaborate a bit more.

My current plan is:

  • use libwebrtc (M71) as a c++ library
  • write custom mediasoup client in c# on top of libwebrtc (using interop between c# and c++) while looking at code for libmediasoupclient/mediasoupclient v3

I believe this should work, as long as libmediasoupclient doesn’t require libwebrtc functionality that I don’t have because my version is older than yours. I wanted to check if the M84 version is a strict requirement, or if it could be worked around.