No media the first time

I am using mediasoup for a broadcasting app. The problem is sometimes when I connect to a stream It starts and the transports connect and the consume is being called and executed, but I don’t get any audio or video coming. The problem is solved when I reconnect for the second time.
By the way the stream is just a class that has the based functionality of mediasoup library.
I would be glad if anyone has any idea about the problem I’m having here.
Thank you very much!

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I’m afraid it’s just impossible to help with that sort description. mediasoup provided you with tons of logs and ways to debug media sending/receiving. Please check the corresponding docs.

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yeah exactly mediasoup is working correctly and everything is fine from the logs.
I just don’t know what to do for debugging anymore.

Sounds client-sided; possibly auto-play.

If so initiate first interaction (by click) before any video/audio is loaded to auto-play it or start it muted.