I need a tested and verified sample for pipeTransport
I found two samples but I have a problem
I could consume correctly but I can’t hear any voice I app


thanks for you attention

What you detailed in the other post, it sounds about right the process, but there could be issues with the code, does the audio transmit if it’s sent only? As if the problem only occurs when sending two tracks and possibly when initiating the pipe connections?

If you are looking for piping within same server then it is really simple as mentioned here in docs:

If you are looking for piping between servers then going through this source code file of mediasoup will help, you can see how they create the piping between routers:

And if you want me to simplify it then here it is:
We have two servers server 1, server 2. Producer 1 is on server 1 and we want this producer to be piped on server 2 so here are the steps:

  • Create pipetransport on server 1, lets call is pipetransport 1
  • Create pipetransport on server 2, lets call is pipetransport 2
  • Exchange connect parameters of pipetransport 1, pipetransport 2 with eachother. Now they are connected
  • Consume producer 1 on pipetransport 1 (from server 1), now pipetransport 1 is ready to give producer 1 to pipetransport 2
  • Produce producer 1 on pipetransport 2, with the help of producer parameters from previous step, now pipetransport 2 have producer 1 and so does server 2
  • Consume producer 1 from server 2 just like normal.

This is where ibc explained me some of the principles for my clarification, go through it:

@zaidiqbal thanks for your time

I want use pipeTransport in seperate hosts

yes I have read that
I read all of these issues

im sending audio only

im doing this
this is my scenario