[ router.pipeToRouter ] no rtp packets in consumer when trying to do something like router.pipeToRouter did using pipeTransports

hello everyone.!
im trying to use pipe transports to get connection between mediasoup routers in different hosts.
im trying to do it like in router.pipeToRouter but i got nothing in consumer2 here( its a minified version of whole story ) :

// Have two workers.
const worker1 = await mediasoup.createWorker();
const worker2 = await mediasoup.createWorker();

// Create a router in each worker.
const router1 = await worker1.createRouter({ mediaCodecs });
const router2 = await worker2.createRouter({ mediaCodecs });

// Produce in router1.
const transport1 = await router1.createWebRtcTransport({ ... });
await transport1.connect({});
const producer1 = await transport1.produce({ ..., paused: false });

// Pipe producer1 into router2.
   const pipe1 = router1.createPipeTransport({listenIp: "", enableRtx: true, enableSrtp: true,});
   const pipe2 = router2.createPipeTransport({listenIp: "", enableRtx: true, enableSrtp: true,});
   await pipe1.connect({ip: pipe2.tuple.localIp, port: pipe2.tuple.localPort, srtpParameters: pipe2.srtpParameters});
   await pipe2.connect({ip: pipe1.tuple.localIp, port: pipe1.tuple.localPort, srtpParameters: pipe1.srtpParameters});
   const pipeConsumer = await pipe1.consume({ producerId: producer1.id });
   await pipe2.produce({ id: producer1.id, kind: pipeConsumer.kind, rtpParameters: pipeConsumer.rtpParameters});
// Consume producer1 from router2.
const transport2 = await router2.createWebRtcTransport({ ... });
await transport2.connect({});
await transport2.enableTraceEvent(['bwe','probation']);
                console.log("consumer tr trace => ");
const consumer2 = await transport2.consume({ producerId: producer1.id, paused:false, ... });

await consumer2.enableTraceEvent(["rtp", "fir", "keyframe", "nack", "pli"]);
consumer2.on("trace", (t) => {
   console.log("consumer trace => ");

i have some consumer tr trace => logs when i produce vp8 :

  direction: 'out',
  info: {
    availableBitrate: 1000000,
    desiredBitrate: 0,
    effectiveDesiredBitrate: 0,
    maxBitrate: 1000000,
    maxPaddingBitrate: 850000,
    minBitrate: 30000,
    startBitrate: 1000000,
    type: 'transport-cc'
  timestamp: 145204527,
  type: 'bwe'

but nothing there if i produce opus

but no consumer trace => anyway.

can you help with this please?
i can’t here or see anything when i consume in client side.
everything was just working until i decided to use pipetransports to produce in host_1 and consume in host_2.

thanks for this awesome project!

thanks for reference but i did all that steps exactly like in router.pipeToRouter. just im not receiving anything in consumer2 in that example.

ok i was using a wrong pipeConsumer.rtpParameters to create pipeProducer.

Haha, that happens. But good show, it’s truly where things start to get fun and more challenging cheers.