Bounty: upgrade libmediasoupclient

The libmediasoupclient is stuck on libwebrtc version m94. There is an open PR to update it to m120, but there are some issues to be solved.

I am offering a bounty of 500 USD 750 USD (or the equivalent in EURO) to whomever makes the necessary changes such that libmediasoupclient is updated to at least version m120 (so either that PR is succesful, or you make a different successful PR that updates it at least to version m120 - i.e. can be a newer libwebrtc version).


  • PR with at least version m120 of libwebrtc approved and merged by mediasoup team

This bounty is valid until 2024.06.30 @ 23:59 UTC.

Start here: GitHub - VLprojects/mediasoup-client-swift: Swift wrapper for libmediasoupclient these guys have batches for m120

I have increased the bounty by 50% to 750 USD. Please have a look or forward it to someone that might help here.

I’ve upgraded libmediasoupclient to WebRTC m120-6099 and also updated the corresponding test demo, mediasoup-broadcaster-demo, to the same version.

This upgrade allows for successful room entry and video stream publishing.

Testing on a Mac with an M3 Max chip has been successful.

Cool, please make a PR and let the community have a look at it.

I’ve just created and submitted PRs for the updates to libmediasoupclient and mediasoup-broadcaster-demo. Waiting for confirmation.

Thanks. As asked by ibc, please add your changes to the already open PR.

That’s a great suggestion! I’ve already added the relevant modifications to the open PR . Thanks for your support and looking forward to your feedback!

I’ve seen that @ibc has approved the changes in the open PR. This PR includes the upgrade to WebRTC m120-6099 and the corresponding modifications to the mediasoup-broadcaster-demo.

In the mediasoup-broadcaster-demo, the original functionality was limited to joining a room and publishing a stream. I have since enhanced it to include stream subscription and added audio and video capture and rendering capabilities.

I will make a new PR about this part of the code, once @jmillan approves the recently submitted PR.