port binding due to too many files open error help (rust)

using the last rust binding

looks like the ports has been held in the workers for the pipeTransport, i have see logs that transports are close as the pipe are not use, not sure why still have this issue, maybe i am in the wrong direction here

any help will be awesome

thanks advanced

Too many files, what are you exactly doing to cause this? Mediasoup doesn’t open many files files, but would be reporting the issue so I’d say it’s your development?

I do not see this in production or development at all. Could assume the issue is with your server/setup. Have you tried the demo? Could be your setup…?

What exactly are you doing would be the question… :X
The error doesn’t seem media-soup related. :slight_smile:

mediasoup does read files when you do pipeTransport not having a port, as it will auto pick an availble port

Have you checked open file descriptors to confirm this is not due to another process? If not, see why you’re exceeding your file-limit on the OS and if MediaSoup is the culprit.