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Hi @ibc and @jmillan! :slightly_smiling_face:
First of all I wanted to thank you for making this nice project open source.
I’m looking for an SFU solution to integrate into mirotalk project.
More details why here: MCU - SFU architecture Β· Issue #35 Β· miroslavpejic85/mirotalk Β· GitHub
In your opinion, would the integration be compatible?
It takes a long time? Any advice is welcome!
In waiting, Thanks so much! and keep it up! :heart:

Please, avoid direct mentions here. There is many people in this forum but just Jose and me.

@miroslavpejic85 after looking at the repo you mentioned, I think mediasoup would provide you the SFU architecture you seem to be looking for. That said, I’m not sure the sure the speed/quality assumptions you mentioned in the issue are correct.

Take a look at mediasoup demo for a practical example, seems pretty close to your repo in functionality. Good luck :+1:

Sorry Boss, I’m new here! :innocent:

Hey @aetheon Thanks for reply.
I changed the photo, to not confuse. :wink:

I wanted to know if it takes a long time to implement?
If anyone had the same problem as me and if mediasoup solved the issue? :eyes:

My problem isn’t the features, those are almost all there.
What I need now is to have at least 50 users connected in a single room, without having problems with disconnection, or anything else, that can happen with the WebRTC Mesh architecture if the bandwith is poor…

Any feedback and tips are welcome! Also contributors too! :sunglasses:

There are many scaling topics here in the forum you can check, they are really informative but don’t provide an easy answer to allowing large group calls. Mediasoup has the API to do horizontal scaling but it depends on how your app behave and how expensive you want to be.

There is a very good concise Kranky Geek 2021 conf video you can check on YouTube too.

Hope it helps. If you have a more concrete question let me know.

You means this one:
Seems There is a lot interesting videos there…
Thanks @aetheon for the tips! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ya that one. There’s one take away on one of the videos where the speaker shows it’s better to have Turn servers closer to common ISPs and relying on the cloud provider network to communicate with SFUs rather than having SFUs in the geographical mid point.

Stuff like this matters and a simple SFU architecture might not fix all your problems. Anyway, I don’t wanna divert the post attention to your original question. Best of luck.

OK, Don’t worry. Thanks for everything!
Any suggestion, idea is always welcome!
I never stop to learning … :sweat_smile:

Done: MiroTalk SFU

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mirotalk](GitHub - miroslavpejic85/mirotalksfu: πŸ† WebRTC with integrated SFU server. Video calls, messaging, screen sharing, recording and more.πŸ†) amazing development.

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Hello @Jagdish, thank you so much.