pipeToRouter blank video/audio

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i have 2 worker setup each has one router and one device, I’m facing a small issue regarding pipeToRouter, i did as instructed in mediasoup examples regarding pipeToRouter, and after piping from router1 to router2 and consuming the producer through the device on router2, i was faced with a blank video (the original video is shown normally through router1 and device1) , yet there was no errors during piping, producing or consuming. i’d appreciate any guidance regarding where i can diagnose to find the exact problem.

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Sounds like you’re doing everything correct, in regards to using the pipe.

I’d wonder if the stream is actually transmitting and not just produced. As well maybe it’s paused.

Well i was just inspect the transport and i found both the consumer (not paused already called resume) and MediasStreamTrack inside the rx transport yet i can’t see the track on the frontend, starting to wonder if actually there may be some issue with my frontend and investigating as we talk right now. thanks for the help

Have you narrowed out auto-play policy?
If the stream is being sent and stats are proving it, the client would be in my mind the issue as well. If you went custom with it, do consider the above policy.

If you want to trick this policy for testing purposes till you implement a solution (if it’s the problem).
Perform clicks on the page as you refresh it this provides interaction and streams can auto-play.

Otherwise out of ideas, PipeToRouter is a bit advanced, I wouldn’t suspect you having such issues at that stage.

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well i don’t think it’s an auto-play policy issue, after further investigation i noticed that audio too isn’t working well and no audio is transmitted yet i can’t identify the problem at all even running the server on debug mode didn’t make any difference. everything is working as expected except that i can’t see or hear the other person. thanks anyways for help.

Does the streams flow properly without pipeToRouter? I mean if you produce on router1 and consume from router1 as well does the stream work?

You said: “you can’t see the track on the frontend”. How are you checking it? You might have to go to chrome://webrtc-internals in chrome to see whether actually tracks are being received by webrtc or it’s something wrong on your frontend.

You probably will have to share some code to see what can be the issue.

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After trying what you suggested and inspected media communication through the same router i found that there was already an issue, i was developing this solution on my local machine and i found out that the sfu listenIp was which lead to video not being transmitted, everything worked correctly after changing it to,
Thanks everyone for the help @CosmosisT @zaidiqbalsoftech

Great :+1: