Run perfectly on local but can not get video/audio of others in a room when deploy on

Hi everyone, I’ve spent the past week learning about mediasoup. My video room works fine when running locally, however after I deploy to
I can’t get the video and audio of other people in the room (black screen). No errors appear, the parameters of consumer and media tracks are returned well. Whether this has something to do with PORT or something, I don’t know I have no experience related to hosting.

Hosting on

If you need to view what part of my code, comment below. Please help me, thanks a lot !!!

These JS objects are just independent local data, doing perfectly well with or without media streams. You should check what happens with the actual WebRTC connections. Look at chrome://webrtc-internals/.

It shows like this, can you have more instructions about this please

The domain won’t have an affect on this, media servers are reached directly by IP and port.

Confirm you have set the announcedIP correctly, opened ports and can grants a proper connection without blocks.

This my code, you can explain more about " grants a proper connection without blocks.", i have no knowledge about port and deploy.

Then you should learn at least some basics about network interfaces and ports. It all starts from there. is the address of the virtual loopback interface, it is not reachable from outside. Announcing it as the server address, you are directing external clients to their own local loopback interfaces.

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I replace ‘’ by one of public server IP below, but it still no works

Hmm, let me spend more time to learn about network interfaces and ports.
I will put my source code in here GitHub - nndang27/video_room . I know you guys are busy but if you can please take a moment to look at my code, it’s pretty simple.

“Network requests from your service to the public internet…” suggests a service that is hosted on this, makes some outbound requests and those requests come with one of the source addresses listed above. But this scenario is not siutable for mediasoup, because mediasoup server does not initiate connections. It just sits listening on some address and accepts inbound requests.

So you can suggesst what should i do now, this so tough with me to understand. Please give me some documents or code

Do run it on a test server first, before running it on something like Make it running on test server and then move it to renderer or whatever. This renderer may be causing problem in your case so get a small try server, run things there and then figure out what can do for you.

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By the way, a simple search by the word ‘WebRTC’ on community site gives this: Webrtc/udp server possible (the server will be the central peer)? - Render

That means can not deploy mediasoup on and heroku right ?. You have any other hosting suggestions