Running mediasoup under Azure Kubernetes Service


I’m trying to deploy mediasoup embeded in a docker on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
AKS doesn’t provide any public IP address by node, and used Kubernetes to provide a public IP address is almost impossible due to the cost induced by the wide range of ports.

In my use case, I will be happy if Mediasoup could work peer 2 peer (like internet browsers).

Is there a plan to implement an ICE server compliante with full specification?

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How is the range of ports related to the cost of a static public IP? I don’t think that makes much sense.

Really I don’t understand. Even if it uses full ICE you still need a public IP in the server, no matter it’s static or dynamic, am I wrong?

Every port declared in a Kubernetes service corespond to a rule in Azure load balancer.

First 5 rules: $0.025/hour
Additional rules: $0.01/rule/hour

Yes but, as far as i understand, full ICE implemenation could send a request to a public STUN server that will automatically allocate a port on Azure SNAT and would allow mediasoup to know its public IP address:public port tuple.

There is no plan to implement full ICE for now. It would be a nice to have feature but don’t have time to focus on it for now.

Thank you Iñaki.

BTW, not super ideal solution for your problem, but you could use a TURN server and force TURN communication from all clients into a single port in the server, and let the TURN server talk to mediasoup via private IP.