Scaling a stream to many servers

I’d like to setup multiple media soup servers with re-broadcasting of a stream in order to achieve scaleability. I understand that pipeToRouter can be used to send the stream to many servers, but this can cause problems with keyframes and ultimately limit scaleability

I’ve read this:

(Including the red box)

And this:

It sounds like there is a solution sitting there ready to work, but no example existing. The “wink wink” implies that libmediasoupclient can do the re-encoding on the server, but I can’t see how, or don’t understand where this sits in relation to the code on PipeToRouter. What is the model?

I’m willing to make a nice donation to media soup (or pay someone directly), I just need a few more pointers to get me in the right direction…. Or in a perfect world a working example. Is anyone able to help?

I’m coding with a node back end.


Yes please contact me in private