sdp sendonly for consuming client

Im creating a react app for consuming a gstreamer feed i have set up.

I am using createRecTransport on the client, and creating a producer on the server.

I am using plaintransport to get the stream from gstreamer and webRtc for server to client. Using wireshark and webrtc-internals, I find that no RTP packets are being sent to my client. While troubleshooting I review the offer and answer SDP’s for client and server, i notice that in my client SDP I have a=sendonly and for the servers answer it has a=recvonly, should it not be the other way around when I have set everything up for the client to only receive/consume media?

Please feel free to ask for any part of the code, and specifically what.
I can add that I have all logging possible on, and I am getting no warnings or errors, I am also receiving packets from the “probator”.