Using mediasoup server with a standard WebRTC client

Hi, i have recently started using mediasoup, and it is amazing so far.

Recently, one of my clients asked me to communicate with my server through a standard WebRTC client (without mediasoup client).

I am wondering if such a thing is possible, or communication is dependent on mediasoup specific signals that the WebRTC standard lacks. I have searched the documentation extensively (which is great by the way, thank you), but there does not seem to be an explanation on how Mediasoup calls map to WebRTC calls (e.g where is SDP exchanged?).

All of this is strictly for sending TO mediasoup server. No consumers

Thank you

mediasoup server does not consume/produce SPDs. That’s internally done by mediasoup-client.

I cannot tell the whole story there. There are lot of similar posts in this forum.

And there is also an in progress mediasoup-sdp-bridge library

There is no SDP in the api, but the brower does receive one as an offer (or answer? in the case of produce). Do you mean that the server SDP is translated from the parameters that we pass into mediasoup-client?

Yes. But as I said, there are already many topics about that in this forum.

Ok, thank you. Just one question if you have the time. I have successfully connected, with DTLS established and all, and with full debugging enabled, i send video rtp to mediasoup but there is neither an error, nor video being received to the consumers. Is there a common case for that?