sendTransport.produce is stuck if code has 'await'

this._micProducer = await this._sendTransport.produce is not completed. I coding same project mediasoup-nuxt-demo
My code here

console.log('enableMic() stream')
      this._mediaStream = await navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({
        audio: true,
      console.log('enableMic() end stream')

      this._track = this._mediaStream.getAudioTracks()[0];

      console.log('enableMic() produce')

      this._micProducer = await this._sendTransport.produce({
        track: this._track,
        codecOptions: {
          opusStereo: 1,
          opusDtx: 1,

      console.log('this._micProducer 3333', this._micProducer)
      store.commit('call/addProducer', {
        paused: this._micProducer.paused,
        track: this._micProducer.track,
        rtpParameters: this._micProducer.rtpParameters,
        codec: this._micProducer.rtpParameters.codecs[0].mimeType.split('/')[1],
        userId: store.getters['user/userId']

Read the documentation because you are missing obvious things in that code snippet.

I’m read this document but I don’t know what missing.
Can you suggest for me, please

I’m fixed
Reason is my code _sendTransport.on("produce") not run to callback