Set up a local network IP for ICE negotiation


I was working with another WebRTC frameworks before (, janus, openvidu-kurento) and I would like to experiment with mediasoup in one of our next projects. The feature is a 4 users videocall (which will be embedded in a 360 player) which needs to work in a LAN without internet connection. In this case, it’s not necessary a STUN or TURN server (no NAT) but an ICE negociation is required, right??. How can I set up a local network IP for the ICE negotiation?

Thanks in advance and congratulations for the project!

I was doubting between mediasoup libraries or deployment cathegories. I hope it works.

I think you may need STUN because browsers rely on this for the ICE negotiation process. The mediasoup server does not need STUN, I believe, because it uses ICE LITE (ie. it will always be the connection receiver, not the initiator).

I’m pretty sure mediasoup will work for your use case. I’ve been able to use it on LAN when properly configured.

The mediasoup announced IP should be the local IP address. I think that’s all you really need to do. Try it without STUN first, but it’s very likely you’ll need a STUN on your LAN.

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