Support for orgwebrtc in addition to libwebrtc

Hey All,

After reading a lot of the documentation, but admittedly not understanding all of it, it would seem like the design of mediasoup allows for the additional support of a different webrtc library. Is that correct?

Specifically, I am looking at creating a new UWP client app that will send video/audio tracks to mediasoup. Currently the server and all client libraries are based on the libwebrtc libraries from google. Unfortunately those libraries do not run on some UWP devices, like HoloLens 2. What is the best course forward to make this work?


I cannot parse this question. mediasoup does not “support” different webrtc libraries, not sure what you mean with that. You can connect to mediasoup via ICE+DTLS and send SRTP and so on using whatever WebRTC client.

I’m going to be doing some testing on a locally running version of the mediasoup demo to try and validate that it will connect.

For reference, I am using this version of webrtc on my UWP client.

Being honest, what you are gonna validate is whether you can make it work or not. mediasoup supports WebRTC clients and plain RTP clients. Nothing to demonstrate here. This is about properly setting your application and RTC client.

I have a webrtc client ready to go, a server ready to listen, but am having trouble understanding how to set up my client other than the documented api calls and examples in other languages using different webrtc libraries.

It’s hard to help if you don’t ask a specific question. If you have a WebRTC client and you want it to connect to mediasoup and send audio/video, you have to follow steps similar to those in the link but by replacing “PlainTransport” with “WebRtcTransport”:

Yes, you have to code JS in your mediasoup based Node.js app and it’s up to you how to signal WebRtcTransport and Producer info between them. That’s all.

If you expect a magic HTTP API or alike to do it, that doesn’t exist (mediasoup is a low level server side library).