targetBitrateBps of the remb server

hi, if the webrtc client do not send rtp packet with webrtc pacer, can the remb server calculate exactly bwe ?

May I ask why this question? Are you creating a custom WebRTC client perhaps?

I am so sad to sat that wo are developing ower own rtc client, and it does not use Google Congestion Control include pacer. And i realy love the function of DistributeAvailableOutgoingBitrate for SimulcastConsumer and SvcConsumer. But i can not receive the AvailableBitrate from client now.

And I alse find when i use RembServer to calcute the AvailableBitrate with abssendtime from client without pacer, the value is inaccurate.

Well, I’m afraid we cannot use this forum for generic or specialized questions about WebRTC or custom implementations. This is supposed to be a forum about mediasoup and it’s ecosystem, we cannot provide our free time to help others developing their own WebRTC stacks.

Regarding our mediasoup REMB server implementation, it is the same as in libwebrtc. Whether browsers use pacer or not it’s up to them.

Thank you for your patience.