too many retransmition?

i’m trying to use v3 in my project, it worked very well so far, but I encountered a problem this afternoon. At the time, there were 5 peers on the server,in 3 rooms, 3 peers, 1 peer and 1 peer. Suddenly cpu and network usage began to rise, I checked the log and find that there are hundreds of logs below every second:

TC::RtpStreamSend::FillRetransmissionContainer() | ignoring retransmission for too old packet [seq:3301, max age:2000ms, packet age:3497ms]
Aug 20 18:42:58 iZ8vb4vpkx9k7zjxyh1fonZ rtcserver[29828]: 2019-08-20T10:42:58.799Z mediasoup:WARN:worker[pid:29927]
Aug 20 18:55:30 iZ8vb4vpkx9k7zjxyh1fonZ rtcserver[29828]: 2019-08-20T10:55:30.511Z mediasoup:WARN:worker[pid:29927] RTC::NackGenerator::GetNackBatch() | sequence number removed from the NACK list due to max retries [seq:37046]

Is it possible that the client network is congested and a large amount of data is retransmitted, resulting in excessive CPU and network resources? I am trying to reproduce this question. is there anyone encountered a similar problem? Any suggestions?


It’s possible, yes. Can you check the consumers’ stats (server side or client side) and check the fractionLost and packetLost?

ok, I will try to reproduce the problem. If I can reproduce it, I will check the fractionLost and packetLost.