Unhandled Exception in older versions of electron


with electron 4.0 (old version) the newest version of the mediasoup-client throws “Failed to execute ‘setRemoteDescription’ on ‘RTCPeerConnection’”.

Updating electron solved the issue, I dont know if this is relevant for debugging or if this is just a chromium related issue.

Just wanted to throw that in here in case this is not expected behavior. The old mediasoup-client version I think 3.1 did work without any errors, after updating to 3.2.1 the error happened and I had to update electron to fix it.

No idea which Chromium version is included in Electron 4.0. Please use device.handlerName to figure out which Chromium version mediasoup-client detects (it will use a different ChromeXX handler based on the detected Chromium version).

Later, if you wish, you can try passing a Handler option to new mediasoup.Device(). You can pass different available ChromeXX handlers and we can narrow the issue a bit.

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Thanks for the reply, I updated electron to the newest version and that runs just fine.

If youd like me to go back and look more into it I can do it, otherwise Id just call this resolved by updating electron.

I don’t know much about Electron versions, so if that version was too old we can indeed close this and assume people should use a modern version.

We ran into this, too, and it turns out it’s the sdp parser in Chromium < M71 unable to handle a=extmap-allow-mixed.

This commit in mediasoup-client, I think: https://github.com/versatica/mediasoup-client/commit/c6774f584e101c0ca6e58fe8df99a5448828a732

It looks to me like this will affect older versions of Chrome, in addition to older versions of Electron.

Downgrading to mediasoup-client 3.2.0 is a workaround.

For what it’s worth, we have a lot of hardware devices out in the wild running a version of Electron with M66. We will start working on new firmware. :slight_smile:

Can you specify if such an exception happens when creating a send transport or a recv transport in mediasoup-client?

This should be fixed in mediasoup-client 3.2.2. Related commit.

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