Using MediaSoup server from Python?

Hello there!
I have an idea in my mind and I want to build it using Python for signaling and many other stuff. According to FAQ.1, I need to make my own communication channel with MediaSoup’s standalone server. Can you please give me some hints where do I get started?

I have worked with JS but for client-side front-end and not server-side. I use Python in the back-end.

I currently have two ideas to accomplish my goal:

  • Use PyO3 to wrap the Rust bindings and use them in Python.
  • Use NodeJS to write a simple API server using it and communicate with this server with Python through TCP or UDS.

Please let me know if my ideas are good enough or if you have better ones.

The first approach is more interesting of course, if it works technically, i.e. if there are no problems with those bindings. The second one adds yet another IPC level, which is not that good.