Using Mediasoup with (difficulty: only one internal port available)

Hi, I’m trying to get a demo of mediasoup running on a Glitch server.

However, Glitch only exposes port 3000 internally from its reverse proxy.

My express server already uses port 3000; is it possible for me to also receive port 3000 traffic for a WebRtcServer somehow? Or do I need to have at least two ports? also doesn’t allow udp, only tcp, which isn’t great, but if possible I’d still like to be able to have a running demo on glitch.


The demo would need to be modified so that the media server could run standalone; that’s assuming glitch allows these packets to go through. Just because it’s port 3000 and over TCP, doesn’t mean the type of data is aok.

So truthfully glitch may not be a great testing spot for any of this, deploy a cheap server with more accessibility.

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I took a quick look at glitch, and it looks similar to Heroku. Everything is running on an ephemeral instance behind a reverse http proxy. So actually, your difficult level is: 0 ports available, and and IP address that changes.

More precisely, it only allows http to pass through the reverse proxy. ICE candidates won’t work, even if they’re over tcp.

You might want to search “Heroku” on this forum to get more explanations of the challenges trying to deploy on these types of systems.

If you want a simple platform for testing out mediasoup-demo, I’d recommend DigitalOcean or Vultr. DigitalOcean, in particular, has reasonably priced bandwidth and is good about giving out free credits.

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thanks! been working through one problem after another, you saved me from going ever deeper. So I guess is also not a good option?

I was looking at digital ocean or google cloud, and am now trying to start again on google cloud. Any reason to prefer digital ocean?

Bandwidth is 8-10x more expensive on Google Cloud. Same with AWS.