mediasoup demo not working on UDP, it works on TCP if I turn on enableTCP option

I have integrated mediasoup3 demo on my local system and on server as well from:

It doesn’t work on UDP I have to enable TCP via enableTCP to make it work but I want it to work on UDP as it is more performant than TCP.

I checked chrome://webrtc-internals to see what is going on and found that only host, relay(UDP) candidates were generating but no srflx, prflx type candidates being generating, here is the screenshot:

There are some icecandidateerros as well as seen below:

Here is the config.js file screenshot about listenips:

On client side I have added proper ‘iceServers’ which includes both stun and turn servers, in createRecieverTransport, createSenderTransport methods.

This issue also happens if I setup demo on my local system and use it as a server, and on my local machine all ports are open so it looks the ports are not issue on both local machine server and production server, something else is causing issue.

Can someone guide me about the issue?

Server details:
OS: windows
Instance: AWS
No load balancer
TCP, UDP ports are open on my server

any update on this one?

This was ports related issue on my server, UDP ports were not opened to public, after opening them to public it is now working fine.