Using prebuilt mediasoup without Python

I’ve been utilising the prebuilt downloads of mediasoup to help simplify my deployment process (removing the need for build tools in my production docker container build process). This has been great up until 3.13.6, which now fails unless I have python installed in the container (even though it does not need to build since it is using the prebuilt binary).

It’s not exactly clear to me, but my reading of the docs suggest that Python should only be required if building rather than using the prebuilt binary (which corresponds with my experience before 3.13.6). Is there a new requirement that now Python is needed in all cases? Or is there a way to still use the prebuilt binaries without having a requirement for Python on the system?

Yes, this changed and the docs no longer say that Python is not required if a prebuilt worker image is used. We may try to improve it in the future.

Could you please open an issue in GitHub?

No need. Let’s try this: npm installation: Don't require Python if valid worker prebuilt binary is fetched by ibc · Pull Request #1265 · versatica/mediasoup · GitHub

Great - thanks for the prompt response!