Include prebuilt mediasoup in package


Installing node_modules is very slow when mediasoup is included.

Do you think it would be possible to include prebuilt versions of mediasoup using for example?

Thanks for this awesome library :heart:

This would mean mediasoup would have to include different compiled versions for each platform and many OS flavors, which is hard to do. I’m not sure there’s no system dependency that would be a problem if you use node-gyp-build.

I’m actually caching mediadoup compilations to speed up my deployments because it’s a controlled environment, using the same OS, same c and c++ versions, same OS libs, … you could do the same if it’s under your control.

Just to clarify: mediasoup-worker C++ is NOT a Node native addon. This is explained in the FAQ in the website.

And we cannot maintain precompiled versions for every OS and architecture.

I see, thanks. I think I’ll deal with the installation time then.