Video is blurred when using H.264 with Chrome 80

Hi, Team
I’m using Mediasoup 3.5.5, and i found the receiving video is blurred when using H264 with Chrome 80.0.3987.149.
I catched the packet and found the video will blurred even only one packet is dropped, and rtx is working fine.
But there is no such issues with Chrome 79.
I don’t know whether it is a compatibility bug of mediasoup or a bug of Chrome 80.

It’s easy to reproduce, what you need is two PC installed Chrome 80, and a tool such as clumsy which can drop some packets.

Confirmed that it happens using Chrome M80 with H264 (decoderImplementation: "FFmpeg (fallback from: ExternalDecoder)") by introducing downlink packet loss.

  • It does not happen using VP8.
  • It does not happen using Canary 83.0.4095.0.

So it may be a temporal regression in libwebrtc or Chrome. No idea. RTX is working fine so there is little we can do. Please investigate/report the issue in libwebrtc tracker and let’s know.