Chrome plays h264 encoded video abnormally

I use mediasoup-client-aiortc to receive the h264-encoded network video stream and transmit it to the server. The consumer uses mediasoup-client to receive the video stream. I found that when I play on Chrome, it is not smooth, and the video is played every 8 seconds. But I use Safari to play very smoothly. What do I need to set in mediasoup?

Thank you very much!

Please, let’s know assume that something must be done in mediasoup just because you see an issue in playing a video in Chrome.

Definitely we cannot give support about video encoded by mediasoup-client-aiortc. It uses aiortc Python lib internally and we are not authors/maintainers of it. Simplify you scenario by making mediasoup-client-aiortc send locally generated video (from a file or webcam) using VP8 to mediasoup, and let0s see what happens.

OK, it seems that I need to take a look at the relevant information of aiortc. And when i use VP8 to mediasoup, everything is normal.
Thank you very much for your reply!