Webrtc session management

When I switch between rooms, I am going to destroy old webrtc session in prev room
How can I destroy?
I tried to disconnect with protoo server when user switch.
Am I right?

I’m afraid you should describe MUCH better your question. Also, you are assuming mediasoup deals with WebSocket/protoo, which is completely false.

Sorry. I didn’t get it. Why is this completely false?
Can you guide me kindly about what I am wrong?

No, sorry. You have to describe your specific question much better.

For example, there are many chat room and user can join any chat room at once.
When user left and join to other room, need to destroy old webrtc session.

As you can see, there are many webrtc sessions

No, I don’t see that because some of them maybe closed. No support here about how chrome://webrtc-internals work, sorry.

Close the corresponding mediasoup-client Transports when appropriate and you are done.

I closed sendTransport and recvTransport after close the connection with protoo server.
but I could see websocket session after disconnect
// Close protoo Peer
this._protoo = null;

// Close mediasoup Transports.
if (this._sendTransport) {
  this._sendTransport = null;

if (this._recvTransport) {
  this._recvTransport = null;

I said that entries in chrome://webrtc-internals also show ended PeerConnections. You just ignored what I said.

I got it. Thanks for your explain.