WebRtcServer empty iceCandidates


I created createWebRtcTransport in the old way, but now I wona update the code base to use WebRtcServer and pass as a field WebRtcServer instanse, but got error empty iceCandidates [method:router.createWebRtcTransportWithServer]. If switch back to the old way all works. What did I do wrong?

So you are not passing proper listenInfos in worker.createWebRtcServer() or you are not passing proper enableUdp and/or enableTcp to router.createWebRtcTransport().

Please check both APIs in the docs.

setting up enableTcp help, but I wonder why I did pass this params in the old way using createWebRtcTransport and it work

Have you read the API docs as I suggested? Or did you just added enableTcp:true?

just enableTcp:true