Hi Guys.firstly to the creators of media soup sfu.well done guys.pretty much the most well built api i have seen till date.my question is related to websocket reliability. I intend on using media soup in a project im creating so for the last 3 months or so have been randomly pinging the demo api to ascertain the reliablity of websockets. I would say 8 out 10 times its successful.other times websockets fail.
So was trying to understand where the latency exists.
Either too many instances or bad server cache.
So thats where my issue is.which signaling protocol is 10/10.

Or rather a more reliable approach.
Any feedback will be highly appreciated.
Thanks guys.

The demo app is not reliable. Very often we deploy beta code, then it crashes so the whole demo server process terminates, etc. This is not about WebSocket. Don’t rely on the demo as if it was a production ready app.

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