What is the benefit of zeroRtpOnPause if I pause/resume producers often

Hi all,

I’d like to check with the community if there’s any major benefit to using zeroRtpOnPause when creating a Producer;

In our web app implementation currently, pause/resume producers happen if video/audio needed based on user actions. When that happens, in turn, all consumers for the producer will pause/resume as well and the client will be signaled for appropriate UX.

If I set zeroRtpOnPause=true will it help with bandwidth or better video experience?

Id zeroRtpOnPause=true mediasoup-client does not send ANY RTP packet to mediasoup when you mute the producer. Otherwise it will send silence audio packets or black video frames (at much lower rate, of course).

My recommendation is: do not use it since we replace the rtpSender.track with null when enabled and muted and then restore the original track when resumed, and somehow it produces delayed audio due to some wrong behavior in libwebrtc.

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Thanks for the reply! I will keep the default value.

@ibc I noticed this behavior too! I’ve spent a lot of time working around this bug. It only seems to be an issue with video tracks, I haven’t found any issue with using this option on audio tracks. However the benefit from pausing audio is small especially with how optimized DTX is already.

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