Why producer still send data even paused?

I’m checking ‘about:webrtc’, with a single participant, so i start mic, everything goes well, data sent, data coming…

But when i pause mic, it is paused at server side too, so data keep sending.

This behavior happens because producer even paused still send data to stun/turn sever or transport.getStats() continue making requests?

Not sure what you pause where. For data to not be sent you need to pause it on frontend. If you pause it on backend, it doesn’t prevent browser from continuing to send data as usual.

I’ve paused by both side

Are you sure it is audio that is being sent, not regular connection maintenance?

Browsers keep sending silence audio packets or black video frames at much lower rate when pausing the track. Expected and documented in the website.

‘about:webrtc’ only tracks traffic about RTC connections, so not, socket poolings or bg tasks

But RTC connection isn’t just audio/video, there is still some background stuff happening to keep the connection alive as such. You need to check specific transceivers, not sure if current Firefox dev tools show it at that granularity.

Ok its my fault not pay attention to this documented behaviour. Just one more quick ask, lower rate still streaming data. Its a good approach, kill all idle producers connections and call again a new connection when its needed? I know, that is very slower than resume a paused producer

Yes, this make sense. Sounds good, it bothered me to think I was wasting data stream.

There is zeroRtpOnPause flag in the documentation you can use to make sure literally nothing related to audio or video is sent (instead of silence and black rectangle), but that has certain drawbacks as well.

Nice trick! Thanks