What is the minimum compute (CPU/RAM) requirement for mediasoup?

Given this this shortage of memory issue , I’m curious what is the least memory required to successfully make and run a mediasoup server.

You can totally run it with 512M of RAM, as for building, does it matter much?
Your build environment will most probably not be the same as production environment where you run the thing, so having 1G or more of RAM in build environment is not a luxury.

Thanks for the response Nazar.

I’m not sure how to achieve building and running in separate environments. I thought all the C/C++ stuff need to be present on the running machine. Do you mean somehow bundling the entire node_modules to production (ec2 for example)? Or maybe I just don’t understand it.

I am running mediasoup v2 for broadcasting to 270 users.
Sharing server stats:
Application hosted on digitalocean server (cpu optimized type server) with 4 vCore and 8 GB RAM.
CPU and RAM is not consuming more than 50%.
In broadcasting, i am facing issue of outbound bandwidth.
Digitalocean provides max stable outbound bandwidth is 300 Mbps which restricts me to upto 270 users.
Publishing 1280x720 video - vp8.