About Recording Require CPU, RAM

I am running mediasoup v2 for broadcasting to 270 users.
Sharing server stats:
Application hosted on digitalocean server (cpu optimized type server) with 4 vCore and 8 GB RAM.
CPU and RAM is not consuming more than 50%.
In broadcasting, i am facing issue of outbound bandwidth.
Digitalocean provides max stable outbound bandwidth is 300 Mbps which restricts me to upto 270 users.
Publishing 1280x720 video - vp8.

What would be the utilization rate of CPU or RAM if I were to proceed with the screen recording in the environment?

The easiest way generally is to open the room/session as a headless browser and record with GStreamer/FFMPEG. This process can easily require 1-2 cores depending on room size. Ram no more than 1-2GB per core be suitable.

I’d not put this process on your box, these processes are considerably cpu heavy and serve best off-loaded on another machine and summoned when needed.

Psst. Watch out for DigitalOcean pricing when you exceed your outbound. :wink:

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Thank you. It helped me a lot

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No problem. Love how you tagged the digital ocean. Saving people like us anytime I can.