when will the WebRtcTransport decrease SimulcastConsumer's Layer from high to low.

question 1: In this function , WebRtcTransport::DistributeAvailableOutgoingBitrate()

availableBitrate is the total downlink bandwidth, but multimapPriorityConsumer only contains the SvcConsumer and SimulcastConsumer , Whether it should consider SimpleConsumer?

question2: when will the WebRtcTransport decrease SimulcastConsumer’s Layer from high to low?

Yes, just simulcast and SVC consumers play into the available bitrate process. Simple consumers do not since they have no spatial nor temporal layers so the SFU cannot adapt to any layer.

When there is no enough available bandwidth for it, or when the downlink quality is bad (too much packet loss), or when the producer quality is bad.

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question 1:
Whether availableBitrate should subtract the bitrates already used by other SimpleConsumer?

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No, because the ABS_SEND_TIME RTP header extension is just included in simulcast and SVC, so RTP packets belonging to SimpleConsumers do not account in the REMB values generated by the receiving browser.

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