why Audio SimpleConsumer does not play the BWE game.?

Will there be a problem if the bandwidth is insufficient?

How can a SFU limit the bitrate of a stream without spatial or temporal layers?

Thank you for your answer
1st, When download bandwidth of the mobile phone is not enough, If the bitrate of the audio is not considered,totalbitrate is allocated to the video stream,Won’t it cause congestion??

2nd, Focus on audio in the Meeting, I hope that during the meeting, the normal voice call is guaranteed, and the video is secondary.

            totalbitrate = audio bitrate + video bitrate,

So,SFU changes spatial or temporal layers by the assigned video bitrate,Of course, we need to consider the nack stream when changing the layer.

Does my idea hold true ?? Is there a better way to protect audio in meeting ?

Are those questions about mediasoup? Or are you inspecting mediasoup code to build another SFU?

yes, this qusetion is mediasop-server worker libwbrtc

I care about the call quality in the conference scene, sfu uses the mediasoup server