Worker, Router and Transports on a four core Machine

Hi Team,

As per the documentation, It is clear that on each mediasoup worker 400-600 consumers can be created. It is also said that on each worker as many as routers can also be created.

Now, is it possible to have only 4 routers being created on 4 of the workers and create all the 400-600 consumers on each of the router and have all the consumers that a four core machine can handle into the four routers?

I don’t properly understand your question, sorry. Depending on the CPU capacity a single core (so a single mediasoup Worker) can handle up to 400-600 Consumers. Whether you have those 400-600 Consumers a single mediasoup Router or distributed into N Routers is not important.

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This answers my question. Now i will have number of routers same as the number of workers and distribute the consumers on the routers accordingly.

Thanks for the support:smiley: