3.10.x Bug?

I had run the mediasoup-demo successful with the latest version. I can get the video from the other.

But I can’t get the video when I try again after I close the chrome window of the first time. The same peerId with the first time.

It seems the chrome can’t push the video to the mediasoup server.

I’m not sure if it is a bug.

Did other have the same issue?


It is very unlikely if it is a bug. Some issue on the app side i guess. If there are any errors kindly share. Have you tried with 3.9 version?

3.9 version is ok with the latest mediasoup-demo.

I tried 3.10.3 and 3.10.4 these two versions , both have the issue.

I also tried MEDIASOUP_USE_WEBRTC= true and MEDIASOUP_USE_WEBRTC= false, both have the issue and no error logs appear.