"Absent receive stream" from webrtc

We had webrtc session yesterday (using mediasoup) and there was no video in one of the consumers.
Later we noticed this error in chrome console:

[347:767:1112/103052.123845:ERROR:webrtc_video_engine.cc(3415)] Absent receive stream; ignoring clearing encoded frame sink for ssrc 0

There were couple of those and nothing else. This was chromium on Ubuntu and this was the only time it happened in this setup, usually it works fine.

Any ideas what could be causing it and how to detect it? There were no any errors to catch, so basically the application was in the dark that the video was not there.


This is the Leeryver Symptom: something goes wrong and you check logs for first time so any line that looks suspicious becomes the culprit. If you checked logs when things go fine you would see the same logs.

No idea what happened but logs and stats generated by mediasoup may help to diagnose it.